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The Smartsville Revival


    The “Jesus Movement” which took began in 1969 and continued well into the 70’s was a dramatic sovereign move of God which brought harvest and revival to hundreds of thousands of young people across the US and even touched other nations. This book tells the exciting story of how God birthed a major revival in a tiny foothill town in Northern California, filling the little Smartsville Community Church with young converted hippies. 

    Myself, my wife, and my brother and sister were the first of the “hippies” to receive Christ and walk through the doors of the little Smartsville Community Church in 1971 where we were received with open arms by the pastors and a handful of people who had been praying for God to move in their community.  He answered their cry in a powerful and unexpected way. This revival soon birthed a communal discipleship ministry called Morning Star which numbered over 80 young people right in the center of Smartsville, with a population of only 120 itself.  Over the next few years many hundreds were saved and many committed themselves to the apostolic vision of being sent out to reach the world for Christ.

    This book is an inspiring unfolding history of the Smartsville Revival and its ongoing world legacy.  What took place during a few short years brought many of us to what I call “the ground of multiplied blessing”, a place where we encountered God, allowed His Spirit to work within us in ways that changed our personal lives and destinies, and birthed ministries and churches that will continue to bear fruit and multiply until the return of the Lord.


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