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Timeless Wisdom From Seasoned Apostolic Leaders.

A valuable guide and reference source that will equip concerned Christians to effectively minister to others

Price Varies

Counseling Course designed to equip lay leaders

Counseling Workbook

Price Varies

World Religions, Cults and Other Groups in Error

Price Varies

Complete Evangelism Series 1, fitting the pieces of evangelism together.

Price Varies

Integrating people into the vision of the local church

Used in conjunction with the Complete Life Class Course

Price Varies

A Journey through the Song of Solomon

Ten Keys to Building Excellent Leaders, "A comprehensive approach to leadership training."

Keys to equipping leaders

This book is meant to speak to a child’s deep inner need for a sense

of significance—that feeling inside all of us that says: “You are

valuable, important, loved, and your life has meaning and purpose in the

sight of God."


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